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Incorporated in 2004, SSD-TECH is a Bangladesh-based technology solutions provider which provides custom-made and innovative solutions for telecommunication operators, enterprises, and caters to specific needs of the people of Bangladesh. The company provides Value Added Services platforms to the leading telecom operators of Bangladesh since 2008 and later launched Carnival Internet (home and corporate internet service) in 2015.

SSD-TECH steps into its 15th year in 2019, with big strides in technology-based direct-to-consumer solutions which will elevate and enhance the lives of the people of Bangladesh.

In the past 3 years, recognizing the need of the nation, SSD-TECH successfully transformed itself consciously from a B2B IT services company to a B2C technology-enabled services entity.

According to a valuation by LankaBangla Investments Limited in 2017, SSD-TECH had been valued at US$ 65 million (around BDT 525 crore).

SSD-TECH is a technology company with special focus on value added service & charging platforms for telco / non-telco enterprises and consumers across Asia Pacific regions.

We gained more than a decade of experience in providing solutions for telecommunication operators, financial institutions and large enterprises.

Based out of Bangladesh, we have successfully ventured into Asia Pacific markets, with robust development teams and proven platforms, solutions and services.

Our solutions range from flexible real-time charging for value-added services, service delivery platforms across SMS, USSD, Internet, IVR and Voice Services.

All the solutions are bundled with its own Business Intelligence and robust Data warehousing solutions to deliver the best business value for the customers.


2004 to Present



Radio 2008 is a IVR based mobile music radio which is accessible from everywhere in Bangladesh, just a call away. User can access huge music library categorized under folk, modern, pop and movie songs, by browsing through IVR. The in-built AI based CMS tracks user behavior and feeds customized user preference content from the next time the user dials.
This AI powered IVR music radio currently has 1 million users across Bangladesh.


Lifestyle IVR is a gateway to unlimited infotainment through IVR that can be accessed just by dialling a shortcode from anywhere in Bangladesh. Users enjoy a wide variety of contents like daily horoscope, magazines including favorite stars' interview, regular audio drama under different categories. The religiously inclined can start their day by listening to a hadith, surah, qirat or duah with its rich Islamic content library.
This IVR lifestyle service with wide content library currently has 1 million users across Bangladesh.

Voice chat

Voice chat is the first ever IVR based anonymous friendship portal in Bangladesh. User journey starts from dialling a shortcode from their mobile and creating profiles with a unique ID.
This IVR based social media currently has 1.5 million users across Bangladesh.

Consent Gateway

As the most critical part of the SDP, for ensuring real customers are opted into real services, SSD-TECH has developed its capacity in recent years to defend fraudulent activities and ensure smooth customer registration process. Without implementing OTP based transaction, SSD-TECH invests continuously on developing new walls between simulated traffic and telecom subscribers. Everyday, the Great Wall Consent Gateway saves 1 million customers from being wrongly subscribed and charged. Available across telecom channels, the system grows stronger everyday by generating security systems and learning patterns through immense data mining.


Boomcast is a complete Voice broadcasting, text messaging, and IVR solution to optimize Business outreach, incremental revenue, and save critical time for business owners. Boomcast caters to both large corporations and SME segment. Messages can be one-way or interactive. masked or unmasked. instant or scheduled. In any language, within seconds, it hits the target audience and initiates business impact. Users can link the extensive reporting panel with sales data to optimize the outreach program.


To serve the non-data / feature phone market, SSD TECH has come up with Radio2008 WAP consisting a wide variety of contents like audio and video songs, drama, games, wallpapers and infotainment contents like beauty tips, kitchen tips etc.

Carnival Internet

A young, nimble and disruptive nationwide broadband internet service provider. Redefining home and SMB broadband through innovative technology.
15000+ homes & 500+ SMBs in just 3 years of time & expanding rapidly.


With continuous R&D and 15+ yrs of experience, SSD-TECH has all the solutions needed to deliver a robust TVAS setup for all channels. The service delivery platform (SDP), through integration of customer life cycle and security management, delivers new surprises and happy moments to subscribers.

Carnival IP Telephony

A smarter way to stay connected, ensures reliable, feature-rich IP phone system that’s easy to use and easy to manage both for individual & business needs.

Voice Service Delivery Platform

With flexible increment of concurrency in calls, SSD-TECH has the first of its kind BICC+SIP setup with Integrated service management CMS. The ISMP is robust to integrate any service within the shortest possible time. It can design highly complex flows by drag-and-drop mechanism, and can cater to unlimited internal concurrent process. The platform proudly hosts complex and robust services, handling 10 million+ calls everyday.

SMS & USSD Gateway

SSD-TECH’s superior SMS gateway brings forward the immense capacity of handling in-memory requests with zero delay. The text and numeric gateway handles daily content delivery along with life cycle notification management of all subscribers. The modular design helps to increase capacity seamlessly. This robust platform is capable of handling 80 million+ daily transactions.

Charging Gateway

The heart of the platform, with traditional diameter based charging to direct connectivity with CBS (Central billing system) and IN (Intelligent network), generates 40 million+ deductions everyday with zero failures and revenue loss, in adherence with industry best practices.


Rutiruji is a job portal for the underprivileged working population of the country who lack in conventional education, thus seeking blue-collar job opportunities.
Unlike any other traditional job portal in Bangladesh, Rutiruji is designed to serve via messenger bot and website. Users can browse the service, make a CV via digital assistant 'Sohana' in minutes, and let the AI powered ‘Sohana’ search for matched jobs and notify users instantly. Users can directly apply to the jobs with a click on the bot.https://www.rutiruji.com

Visual IVR

In order to make communications more effective, SSD-Tech has developed Visual IVR solution that facilitates business owners to provide a holistic journey starting from an automated call, followed up by an interaction based SMS to a voice assisted site to the end-user while communicating their offers, increasing sales or generating leads.

Messenger BOT

Messenger BOT based solutions provided by SSD-Tech provides customers with a wide range of opportunity to know their customers, offer products via messenger, create effective campaigns like referral and push rich contents to all messenger subscribers at any bulk, anytime and more.


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